Mission Green
Nature has been our greatest supplier and, in turn, it is our duty to treat it equally responsibility. And moving to Mission Green is one step closer to that intention. Much of processes—such as moving stocks to the individual stores from a regional distribution center, and then you personally coming to the store every time you need something—are required for an offline grocery. However, all this can be saved through online supermarkets that provide you supplies right at your doorstep direct from the wholesaler. 

Big stores need loads of energy for powering storage units, lighting, air-conditioning and other things but this is sidestepped by us by slashing down the carbon emission produced by the old method of supply chain and also decreases our car number on the roads. In addition, we make sure that minimal use of plastic and paper bags is required while product delivery by supplying in crates that can be collected back and used again. Thus, we also request our customers to participate in this green mission of ours and return the fruits and vegetable trays that are recyclable in order for us to use them again. Let’s make our world better with this initiative.

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