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Fresh Green Peas / Muttor / Watana Shenga

BrandSupermarket Wala
About the Product
Green peas are small, spherical and greenish in color with a crunchy texture and sweet flavor.

Storage and Uses
Green Peas can be refrigerated in a glass or plastic container for 3-4 days.
They can be eaten raw or gently cooked and used in curries, rice, parathas, soups, salads, etc. Boil and flavour them with butter or salt and pepper.
Green peas are a rich source of fiber and essential nutrients like vitamins C, K and B complex. They provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits and are extremely low-fat food.

Variable Price Policy

Please note that as per your demand we will provide fresh fruits and vegetable items on your doorstep based on next day early morning market price. if you order today then you will get your order on the next day morning with clean, maintain hygiene and safety. we will sure that you will get fresh and clean fruits and vegetables. stay safe and heal