Supermarket Wala

Fresh Chicken Curry Cut Without Skin (1 KG)

BrandSupermarket Wala Meat TypeChicken PackagingTray StyleFresh BonelessNo
How to use
It can be grilled or barbecued with a tangy sauce. Moreover, it can be served pink while being roasted and served with boiled crush potatoes. To add to the taste, the lamb would be a great choice for a good lollipop or kebabs glazed with a mouth-watering

Supermarket Wala sources eggs and meat from identified farms and ports with stringent standard checks. Be it eggs, chicken, mutton, fish and all other seafood, we procure them fresh and process them in our state-of-the-art hygienic facility to assure you the best quality meat delivered at your doorstep. All the products go through various stringent checks and procedures by meat experts to certify their quality.

Our butcheries process the meat, artisanally cut and proportion them ready to be packed. One of the most important things we do to keep them fresh is storing them at the right temperature. Our transport vehicles are temperature-controlled to make sure the meat remains fresh and succulent. We pack the meat hygienically and store them in temperature-controlled rooms. Our delivery executives collect the meat and carry them in insulated trays covered with gel pads to keep the freshness intact until it reaches our customer's doorstep.

Pure natural and organic - no artificial preservatives are added. It is very nutritional food for health. Rich in proteins, calcium, vitamins and minerals. Fatty acids help to reduced risks of heart strokes and prevent excessive blood clotting. It pr