Supermarket Wala

Fresh Chicken Breast Boneless (250 GM)

BrandSupermarket Wala Meat TypeChicken PackagingOthers StyleFresh BonelessYes PartBreast
The delicious and juicy meat of the Chicken boneless breast makes your meal more agreeable to the platters. Low fat and additive-free, it suggests a strong dietary diet. It assists in preparing fast recipes like tikka, kebabs and more. It is hygienically maintaining packing standards of high protein strong boneless chicken breasts.
How to use
It can be grilled or barbecued with a tangy sauce. Moreover, it can be served while being roasted and served with boiled crush potatoes. To add to the taste, the lamb would be a great choice for a good lollipop or kebabs glazed with a mouth-watering sauce
Pure natural and organic - no artificial preservatives are added. It is very nutritional food for health. Rich in proteins, calcium, vitamins and minerals. Fatty acids help to reduced risks of heart strokes and prevent excessive blood clotting. It pr